This article shows how how to create a bootable USB disk to install Windows 10 using Linux. Here I am using Fedora 31 but we are using woeusb software which should be available in other distributions too.

Install woeusb

yum -y install woeusb

Run it

Woeusb can be run from the gnome menus under System Tools or from the command line by typing


Plug in your USB target disk.

You will need to tell woeusb which disk to use. You can find this out by typing "dmesg | grep sd | tail -10"

This is the result when I get after I insert the USB drive and run the command on my laptop

It is very important that you choose the right device because otherwise you can seriously damage your system.

Make woeusb write the ISO image.

** Set the disk iso by browsing to it.
** Select the target device. In my case it is /dev/sdc(Flash_Disk, 7.7G) [Usually woesb is quiet good at presenting only the valid usb flash drive to use]
** click install and you are done.