Switch from NetworkManager to systemd-networkd on Linux

Systemd, the big move away from init that caused great flame wars over the internet is now over. RedHat 7 and Fedora and others have moved to systemd. Suffice to say, old hats like me now need to learn it. I was just getting used to the quirks of NetworkManager and here we are, another way to configure networking. So without further ado this tutorial aims to introduce you to systemd-networkd and how to move your server to using it instead of NetworkManager.

With systemd-networkd we can:

  • Manage DHCP/static IP networking
  • Create and configure Bridges, tunnels and VLANs
  • WiFI Networking via wpa_supplicant hooked up to systemd-networkd

But for those of you who want to try out systemd-networkd, you can read on, and find out in this tutorial how to switch from NetworkManager to systemd-networkd on Linux.