RHCSA 7 Exam Guide

Here you will find resources (tutorials, book review, quiz, sample exams, etc) about the RHCSA exam (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) for RHEL 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7).The exam, also called EX200, is a performance-based exam lasting 2 hours and half, focusing on installation and server configuration. You can take the exam in a classroom setting monitored by a proctor or in a Individual Exam Session (IES) remotely monitored. A FAQ about IES is available on the Red Hat website. [read more]

HowTo: Change, Add, Remove LUKS passphrases

In the article <a href="http://www.jnvilo.com/cms/sysadmin/linux/rhel/howto-configure-luks-on-centos--rhel">HowTo: Configure Luks On CentsOS/RHEL</a> I wen through setting up encryption on my /home partition. There are a few other things that are needed such as changing the passphrase, or removing it, or even adding another passphrase to be shared with another user of /home. [read more]

HowTo: Configure LUKS on CentOS / RHEL

LUKS is the standard for Linux hard disk encryption. By providing a standard on-disk-format, it does not only facilitate compatibility among distributions, but also provides secure management of multiple user passwords. If you use a laptop then you are best advised to ensure that at least your home partition is encrypted. This HowTo will show you how to do this for CentOS / RHEL and also applies to Fedora. [read more]

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