Installing ESXi On VMWARE Fusion on OS X

Needing a development environment for my scripting tasks on ESX, tonight I decided to install ESXi on my Mac. I have 32 Gigs of ram and lots of disk space to spare so I decided to install VMware fusion and then virtualize ESXi in it. I thought it would be harder but frankly it was not!.

I am not exactly a VMware Admin but I work a lot on provisioning and maintaining vm's running on ESX Clusters. My tools of the trade are Foreman and Puppet and a few ruby scripts using rbmomi and I wouldn't call myself a Ruby guy either, at times I have also done powershell. And over time have accumulated an assortment of scripts in my toolchest. However my meat and butter in scripting is python so to speak. VMware recently release pyvmomi pyvmomi and so I decided I would just rewrite everything in python in a single python pip installable library package.

Install ESXi on Vmware Fusion

To achieve that, I basically just followed the instructions from Installing ESXi in VMware Fusion (2009580) The only change I had to do was to configure the ESXi vm's network interface to use Bridged Network rather than Internet Sharing such that the VM is accessible and has an IP in my home network.