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Installing ESXi On VMWARE Fusion on OS X

Needing a development environment for my scripting tasks on ESX, tonight I decided to install ESXi on my Mac. I have 32 Gigs of ram and lots of disk space to spare so I decided to install VMware fusion and then virtualize ESXi in it. I thought it would be harder but frankly it was not!. [read more]

Enable Safari Developer Tools

Personally I use Macs, 27 inch 2011 Mac for my desktop [pimped up with 32 gigs ram which I upgraded myself for less than 200 euros] and on the go, I use a macbook air. Safari is the default browser and I have no issues with it. Apart from the fact that I have to consciously open Chrome when I am developing a website so that I can use Chrome's developer tools. Sure I could just make Chrome the default browser but I don't want to. Which got ... [read more]

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